Mooseksen kirja 14:29



29 Ja sitten tulkoon leeviläinen, jolla ei ole osuutta eikä perintöosaa sinun rinnallasi, niin myös muukalainen, orpo ja leski, jotka asuvat sinun porttiesi sisäpuolella, ja he syökööt ja tulkoot ravituiksi, että Herra, sinun Jumalasi, siunaisi sinua kaikissa kättesi töissä, joita teet."

Komentář k tomuto verši  

Napsal(a) Alexander Payne

Verse 29. And the desires for genuine good which you have (because they are of the Lord, and are not derived from the peculiar disposition of the man), and those principles which desire instruction in good and truth, and those which are in a state of innocence and charity, and desire to know and do what is good, and those which are in a state of truth and not yet in good, which are ready to be introduced into more interior states, shall be conjoined more closely to the soul, and shall appropriate the increase the Lord has given you and be satisfied; that the Divine Goodness and Wisdom may bless and vivify with real life every endeavour and act done with a view to advance in the spiritual life.

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