2 kuningat 8:5



5 Ja parajasti kui ta kuningale jutustas, kuidas Eliisa oli surnu ellu äratanud, vaata, siis hüüdis naine, kelle poja ta oli ellu äratanud, kuninga poole oma koja ja põllu pärast. Ja Geehasi ütles: 'Mu isand kuningas, see on too naine, ja see on tema poeg, kelle Eliisa ellu äratas.'

Komentář k tomuto verši  

Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verse 5. And it happens, especially when man is enlightened so as to perceive that the revival of the church is dependent on the revival of true doctrine concerning the Divine Human, that then also is there an earnest longing for spiritual good and truth; and an acknowledgment in the external church, or by the natural man, that the church is reviving and that the Divine Human is being acknowledged.