2 kuningat 8:29



29 Siis kuningas Jooram tuli tagasi, et Jisreelis ennast ravida haavadest, mis süürlased temale Raamas olid löönud, kui ta sõdis Süüria kuninga Hasaeli vastu. Ja Juuda kuningas Ahasja, Joorami poeg, tuli alla Jisreeli vaatama Jooramit, Ahabi poega, kui see oli haige.

Komentář k tomuto verši  

Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verse 29. But then he seeks relief, and a cure, externally, by association with the spiritual principles of the church, both as to the results of self-love and the love of the world operating in the natural mind through falsity conjoined with evil; and in addition he is consoled by the false principles of the celestial church. Or, in other words, the corrupted will as well as the understanding of the wicked man, seeks consolation from the uprisings of merely natural desires, and the injuries thence received, by an outward conformity to religion, and from the falsities of his own evil.