1 kuningat 16:34



34 Tema päevil ehitas peetellane Hiiel üles Jeeriko; ta rajas selle oma esmasündinu Abirami hinnaga ja ta pani sellele väravad ette oma noorima poja Seguubi hinnaga Issanda sõna kohaselt, mis ta oli öelnud Joosua, Nuuni poja läbi.

Komentář k tomuto verši  

Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verse 34. And in this corrupted and perverted state of man and of the Spiritual Church does Idolatry, or worship from self and the world, rear up the infernal falsity which defends evil and hinders the realization of good, the first consequence of which is the rejection of faith and the last the rejection of Charity, according to the Divine Truth from Divine Good which teaches that evils are to be resisted from a principle of good, and that he is eternally separated from the Lord, who confirms himself in evil by means of falsity.