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1 Mirjam nu sprak, en Aaron, tegen Mozes, ter oorzake der vrouw, der Cuschietische, die hij genomen had; want hij had een Cuschietische ter vrouw genomen.

2 En zij zeiden: Heeft dan de HEERE maar alleen door Mozes gesproken? Heeft Hij ook niet door ons gesproken? En de HEERE hoorde het!

3 Doch de man Mozes was zeer zachtmoedig, meer dan alle mensen, die op den aardbodem waren.

4 Toen sprak de HEERE haastelijk tot Mozes, en tot Aaron, en tot Mirjam: Gij drie, komt uit tot de tent der samenkomst! En zij drie kwamen uit.

5 Toen kwam de HEERE af in de wolkkolom, en stond aan de deur der tent; daarna riep Hij Aaron en Mirjam; en zij beiden kwamen uit.

6 En Hij zeide: Hoort nu Mijn woorden! Zo er een profeet onder u is, Ik, de HEERE, zal door een gezicht Mij aan hem bekend maken, door een droom zal Ik met hem spreken.

7 Alzo is Mijn knecht Mozes niet, die in Mijn ganse huis getrouw is.

8 Van mond tot mond spreek Ik met hem, en door aanzien, en niet door duistere woorden; en de gelijkenis des HEEREN aanschouwt hij; waarom dan hebt gijlieden niet gevreesd tegen Mijn knecht, tegen Mozes, te spreken?

9 Zo ontstak des HEEREN toorn tegen hen, en Hij ging weg.

10 En de wolk week van boven de tent; en ziet, Mirjam was melaats, wit als de sneeuw. En Aaron zag Mirjam aan, en ziet, zij was melaats.

11 Daarom zeide Aaron tot Mozes: Och, mijn heer! leg toch niet op ons de zonde, waarmede wij zottelijk gedaan, en waarmede wij gezondigd hebben!

12 Laat zij toch niet zijn als een dode, van wiens vlees, als hij uit zijns moeders lijf uitgaat, de helft wel verteerd is!

13 Mozes dan riep tot den HEERE, zeggende: O God! heel haar toch!

14 En de HEERE zeide tot Mozes: Zo haar vader smadelijk in haar aangezicht gespogen had, zou zij niet zeven dagen beschaamd zijn? Laat haar zeven dagen buiten het leger gesloten, en daarna aangenomen worden!

15 Zo werd Mirjam buiten het leger zeven dagen gesloten; en het volk verreisde niet, totdat Mirjam aangenomen werd.

16 Maar daarna verreisde het volk van Hazeroth, en zij legerden zich in de woestijn van Paran.

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Explanation of Numbers 12      

Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verses 1-5. On the opposition of perverted good and perverted truth to Divine Truth in a state of temptation.

Verses 6-9. There is revelation in consequence, showing the distinction between the manifestation of truth to the internal and the external, or to the celestial and spiritual man, and also that the external man is averted from the Lord and ceases to recognize the truth.

Verses 10-12. And then, when truth is revealed without appearances, there is profanation, which, seen and acknowledged, induces a state of repentance.

Verses 13-16. Consequently, there is, internally, a desire for restoration from a state of profanation; and revelation is made that this can only be removed by regeneration successively.


Výklad(y) nebo odkazy ze Swedenborgových prací:

Hemelse Verborgenheden in Genesis en Exodus 1676, 2714, 4236, 10570

Apocalypse Revealed 862

Odkazy ze Swedenborgových nevydaných prací:

Apocalypse Explained 624, 650

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'Miriam,' as in Exodus 15:20, signifies the good of faith.

Like "say," the word "speak" refers to thoughts and feelings moving from our more internal spiritual levels to our more external ones – and ultimately...

Aaron was de broer van Mozes. Hij symboliseert twee dingen, een tijdens het eerste deel van de exodus, toen hij woordvoerder van Mozes was, en...

Moses's name appears 814 times in the Bible (KJV), third-most of any one character (Jesus at 961 actually trails David at 991). He himself wrote...

The word "woman" is used a number of different ways in the Bible – as a simple description, as someone connected to a man ("his...

The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

Like "say," the word "speak" refers to thoughts and feelings moving from our more internal spiritual levels to our more external ones – and ultimately...

Angels do give us guidance, but they are mere helpers; the Lord alone governs us, through angels and spirits. Since angels have their assisting role,...

In general, men are driven by intellect and women by affections, and because of this men in the Bible generally represent knowledge and truth and...

The word "meek" is used just a handful of times in the Bible, but it is attributed several times to the Lord and is used...

The Writings talk about many aspects of life using the philosophical terms "end," "cause" and "effect." The "end" is someone’s goal or purpose, the ultimate...

'The tabernacle' has almost the same meaning as 'temple,' that is, in the highest sense, the Lord’s divine humanity, and in a relative sense, heaven...

'To stand,' and 'come forth' as in Daniel 7:10, refers to truth. In Genesis 24:13, it signifies a state of conjunction of divine truth with...

In a general sense, doors in the Bible represent the initial desires for good and concepts of truth that introduce people to new levels of...

'To proclaim' signifies exploration from influx of the Lord.

As with many common verbs, the meaning of “to say” in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Who is speaking? Who is hearing? What...

'To hearken to father and mother,' as mentioned in Genesis 28:7, signifies obedience from affection. 'To hearken,' as mentioned in Genesis 30:22, signifies providence. See...

'Word,' as in Psalms 119:6-17, stands for doctrine in general. 'The Word,' as in Psalms 147:18, signifies divine good united with divine truth. 'Word,' as...

The idea of a "prophet" is very closely tied to the idea of the Bible itself, since the Bible was largely written by prophets. At...

Like so many common verbs, the meaning of "know" in the Bible is varied and dependent on context. And in some cases – when it...

A dream, as in Genesis 20:3,signifies being somewhat obscure.

Like "say," the word "speak" refers to thoughts and feelings moving from our more internal spiritual levels to our more external ones – and ultimately...

“Servant” literally means “a person who serves another,"" and its meaning is similar in reference to the spiritual meaninngs of the Bible. Our lives in...

A "house" is essentially a container - for a person, for a family, for several families or even for a large group with shared interests...

In most cases, "mouth" in the Bible represents thought and logic, especially the kind of active, concrete thought that is connected with speech. The reason...

The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

'Toorn', zoals in Genesis 49: 7, betekent afkeer van de waarheid. 'Grote toorn', zoals in Openbaring 00:12, betekent haat tegen de nieuwe kerk.

In Isaiah 19:1, "Jehovah rides upon a light cloud, and comes into Egypt", signifies the visitation of the natural man from spiritual-natural Divine Truth, for...

'White' relates to truths, because it originates in the light of the sun.

'Snow' signifies truth in extremes, because it is water, which signifies the truths of faith. It also relates to truth because it is white. 'Snow,'...

The symbolic meaning of "seeing" is "understanding," which is obvious enough that it has become part of common language (think about it; you might see...

In most cases, a "master" in the Bible refers to truth: knowledge, an understanding of the situation at hand, an understanding of the Lord's wishes,...

In the Word three terms are used to mean bad things that are done. These three are transgression, iniquity, and sin, and they are here...

Flesh has several meanings just in its most obvious form. It can mean all living creatures as when the Lord talks about the flood "destroying...

In general, mothers in the Bible represent the Lord's church on earth, or the church among those who know and follow the Lord. In some...

Father in the Word means what is most interior, and in those things that are following the Lord's order, it means what is good. In...

The number 'seven' was considered holy, as is well known, because of the six days of creation, and the seventh, which is the celestial self,...

The expression 'even to this day' or 'today' sometimes appears in the Word, as in Genesis 19:37-38, 22:14, 26:33, 32:32, 35:20, and 47:26. In a...

There are only a couple of references in the Writings to "close" used as a verb, and both stem from Amos 9:11, which talks about...

'Wilderness' signifies something with little life in it, as described in the internal sense in Luke 1:80 'Wilderness' signifies somewhere there is no good because...

'Paran' or 'Elparan' signifies a state of illumination from the Lord’s divine human.