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1 En het geschiedde, als Jeremia geeindigd had tot het ganse volk te spreken al de woorden des HEEREN, huns Gods, met dewelke hem de HEERE, hun God, tot hen gezonden had, te weten al die woorden,

2 Zo sprak Azaria, de zoon van Hosaja, en Johanan, de zoon van Kareah, en al de trotse mannen, zeggende tot Jeremia: Gij spreekt leugen; de HEERE, onze God, heeft u niet gezonden, om te zeggen: Gijlieden zult niet gaan in Egypte, om aldaar als vreemdelingen te verkeren.

3 Maar Baruch, de zoon van Nerija, hitst u tegen ons op, opdat hij ons overgeve in de hand der Chaldeen, dat zij ons doden en ons gevankelijk naar Babel wegvoeren.

4 Alzo gehoorzaamde Johanan, de zoon van Kareah, en al de oversten der heiren, en al het volk, der stem des HEEREN niet, om in het land van Juda te blijven.

5 Maar Johanan, de zoon van Kareah, en al de oversten der heiren namen het ganse overblijfsel van Juda, die van al de heidenen, waar zij waren henengedreven, wedergekeerd waren, om in het land van Juda te wonen;

6 De mannen, en de vrouwen, en de kinderkens, en des konings dochteren, en alle ziel, die Nebuzaradan, de overste der trawanten, bij Gedalia, den zoon van Ahikam, den zoon van Safan, gelaten had, ook den profeet Jeremia, en Baruch, den zoon van Nerija;

7 En zij togen in Egypteland, want zij waren der stem des HEEREN niet gehoorzaam; en zij kwamen tot Tachpanhes.

8 Toen geschiedde des HEEREN woord tot Jeremia te Tachpanhes, zeggende:

9 Neem grote stenen in uw hand, en verberg ze in de klei in den ticheloven, die bij de deur van Farao's huis te Tachpanhes is, voor de ogen der Joodse mannen;

10 En zeg tot hen: Zo zegt de HEERE der heirscharen, de God Israels: Ziet, Ik zal henenzenden, en Nebukadrezar, den koning van Babel, Mijn knecht, halen, en Ik zal zijn troon zetten boven op deze stenen, die Ik verborgen heb; en hij zal zijn schone tent daarover spannen.

11 En hij zal komen en Egypteland slaan: wie ten dood, ten dode; en wie ter gevangenis, ter gevangenis; en wie ten zwaard, ten zwaarde.

12 En Ik zal een vuur aansteken in de huizen der goden van Egypte, en hij zal ze verbranden, en gevankelijk wegvoeren; en hij zal Egypteland aantrekken, gelijk als een herder zijn kleed aantrekt, en hij zal van daar uittrekken in vrede.

13 En hij zal de opgerichte beelden van Beth-Semes, hetwelk in Egypteland is, verbreken; en hij zal de huizen der goden van Egypte met vuur verbranden.

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Word/Phrase Explanations

Jeremiah, in the Book of Jeremiah 1:1 and what follows, represents the Lord. (Arcana Coelestia 2838 [2]). In Jeremiah 13:7, he signifies the state of...

The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

The Lord is love itself, expressed in the form of wisdom itself. Love, then, is His essence, His inmost. Wisdom - the loving understanding of...

'A son,' as in Genesis 5:28, signifies the rise of a new church. 'Son,' as in Genesis 24:3, signifies the Lord’s rationality regarding good. 'A...

When people lie or speak falsely in the Bible, It represents what Swedenborg calls "falsity of faith" and the resulting "evil of faith." This is...

'Mizraim' signifies the same thing as Egypt.

Because people are governed by angels and spirits, in Genesis 1:26 it says 'let us make man into our image.' But because the Lord alone...

Scientists believe that one of the most crucial developments in the evolution of humans was bipedalism – walking on two legs. That left our hands...

Chaldea was a land lying along the Euphrates river near its mouth, south of Babylon, part of what is now southern Iraq. It was a...

'Voice' signifies what is announced from the Word. 'Voice' often refers and is applied to things that cannot have a voice, as in Exodus 4,...

Generally in the Bible a "country" means a political subdivision ruled by a king, or sometimes a tribe with a territory ruled by a king...

City of Judah,' as in Isaiah 40:9, signifies the doctrine of love towards the Lord and love towards our neighbor in its whole extent.

'Nations' signify people who are in the good of love and charity from the Lord. Two nations in the womb,' as in Genesis 25:23, signify...

The Hebrew of the Old Testament has six different common words which are generally translated as "wife," which largely overlap but have different nuances. Swedenborg...

The human mind is composed of two parts, a will and an understanding, a seat of loves and affections, and a seat of wisdom and...

"Behold I have two daughters,” etc. (Gen. 19:8), signifies the affections of good and truth, and the blessedness perceivable from the enjoyment thereof, by those...

The nature of the soul is a deep and complicated topic, but it can be summarized as "spiritual life," who we are in terms of...

‘To guard,’ when used as in Genesis 41:35, denotes ‘to store up.’ ‘Guards,’ as in Genesis 37:36, signify things that minister.

The idea of a "prophet" is very closely tied to the idea of the Bible itself, since the Bible was largely written by prophets. At...

'Word,' as in Psalms 119:6-17, stands for doctrine in general. 'The Word,' as in Psalms 147:18, signifies divine good united with divine truth. 'Word,' as...

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In a general sense, doors in the Bible represent the initial desires for good and concepts of truth that introduce people to new levels of...

'Pharaoh' signifies scientific ideas, or the natural principle in general. 'Pharaoh' signifies false ideas infesting the truth of the church. Pharaoh,' in Genesis 40, represents...

A "house" is essentially a container - for a person, for a family, for several families or even for a large group with shared interests...

It’s common to say “I see” when we understand something. And indeed, “seeing” in the Bible represents grasping and understanding spiritual things. So it makes...

As with many common verbs, the meaning of “to say” in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Who is speaking? Who is hearing? What...

Armies of the heavens and the sands of the sea ('Jeremiah 33:15-22') signify the knowledges of truth and good in the spiritual and natural ma{ign21}

'Israel,' in Jeremiah 23:8, signifies the spiritual natural church. The children of Israel dispersed all the literal sense of the Word by falsities. 'The children...

“Servant” literally means “a person who serves another,"" and its meaning is similar in reference to the spiritual meaninngs of the Bible. Our lives in...

'The Lord's throne' signifies, in general, the whole heaven, and specifically, the spiritual heaven, and by extension, divine truth proceeding, and so, everything of heaven...

Coming (Gen. 41:14) denotes communication by influx.

'To smite' signifies condemnation. 'To smite,' as in Genesis 14:15, signifies vindication. 'To smite,' as in Genesis 32:8, signifies destruction. 'To smite the earth with...

'To be in prison,' as in Revelation 2:10, signifies being infested by evils from hell, because this is like being bound in prison, because they...

A 'sword,' in the Word, signifies the truth of faith combating and the vastation of truth. In an opposite sense, it signifies falsity combating and...

Just as natural fire can be both comforting in keeping you warm or scary in burning down your house, so fire in the spiritual sense...

The Writings tell us that shepherds represent those who lead and teach others, using knowledge and true ideas to help people reach the goodness of...

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