Leviticus 3

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1 And if his oblation be a sacrifice of peace offerings, and he will offer of the herd, whether male or female, he shall offer them without blemish before the Lord.

2 And he shall lay his hand upon the head of his victim, which shall be slain in the entry of the tabernacle of the testimony, and the sons of Aaron the priests shall pour the blood round about upon the altar.

3 And they shall offer of the sacrifice of peace offerings, for an oblation to the Lord, the fat that covereth the entrails, and all the fat that is within.

4 The two kidneys with the fat wherewith the flanks are covered, and the caul of the liver with the two little kidneys.

5 And they shall burn them upon the altar, for a holocaust, putting fire under the wood: for an oblation of most sweet savour to the Lord.

6 But if his oblation and the sacrifice of peace offering be of the flock, whether he offer male or female, they shall be without blemish.

7 If he offer a lamb before the Lord,

8 He shall put his hand upon the head of his victim: and it shall be slain in the entry of the tabernacle of the testimony: and the sons of Aaron shall pour the blood thereof round about upon the altar.

9 And they shall offer of the victim of peace offerings a sacrifice to the Lord: the fat and the whole rump,

10 With the kidneys, and the fat that covereth the belly and all the vitals and both the little kidneys, with the fat that is about the flanks, and the caul of the liver with the little kidneys.

11 And the priest shall burn them upon the altar, for the food of the fire, and of the oblation of the Lord.

12 If his offering be a goat, and he offer it to the Lord,

13 He shall put his hand upon the head thereof: and shall immolate it in the entry of the tabernacle of the testimony. And the sons of Aaron shall pour the blood thereof round about upon the altar.

14 And they shall take of it for the food of the Lord's fire, the fat that covereth the belly, and that covereth all the vital parts :

15 The two little kidneys with the caul that is upon them which is by the flanks, and the fat of the liver with the little kidneys:

16 And the priest shall burn them upon the altar, for the food of the fire, and of a most sweet savour. All the fat shall be the Lord's.

17 By a perpetual law for your generations, and in all your habitations: neither blood nor fat shall you eat at all.

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Word/Phrase Explanations

In ordinary life, we tend to think of "peace" as essentially "a lack of conflict." As a nation, if we're not at war, it's a...

'Offerings' signify worship.

'A herd,' as mentioned in Genesis 32:7, denotes exterior or natural good, and also not good things.

The relationship between men and women is deep and nuanced, and one entire book of the Writings – Conjugial Love or Love in Marriage –...

Female signifies good.

without blemish
In Revelation 14:5, 'without fault' signifies people not caught in falsities, as also in Leviticus 21:17, 23, and 22:19-25.

In most cases, the meaning of "before" is pretty straightforward, both as a way of assessing relative time, and in its use meaning "in someone's...

the Lord
The Bible refers to the Lord in many different ways, which from the text seem indistinguishable and interchangeable. Understood in the internal sense, though, there...

In Genesis 27:22, 'voice' relates to truth, and 'hand,' to good.

'Upon' or 'over' signifies being within.

The head is the part of us that is highest, which means in a representative sense that it is what is closest to the Lord....

'The slain' when referring to the Lord, as in Revelation 5, means the separation of everything from the divine. In denial of His divinity, He...

'The tabernacle' has almost the same meaning as 'temple,' that is, in the highest sense, the Lord’s divine humanity, and in a relative sense, heaven...

'Sons of Canaan,' as in Genesis 10, are people who kept external worship separate from internal.

Aaron was the brother of Moses. He symbolizes two things, one during the first part of the exodus, when he was Moses' spokesperson, and another...

Priests' represent the Lord regarding His divine good. When they do not acknowledge the Lord, they lose their signification of the Lord.

The internal meaning of “blood” is a little tricky, because Swedenborg gives two meanings that seem quite different. In most cases, Swedenborg links blood with...

Something 'round' relates to good. 'A small round thing,' as in Exodus 16:14, refers to the good of truth in its first formation. This is...

Round about
'Round about' denotes the things most distant from the middle, or from good and truth.

The first altar mentioned in the Word was built by Noah after he came out of the ark. On that altar, he sacrificed clean animals...

Fat signifies the celestial principle. Fat things, full of marrow, signify goodnesses. Fat and blood signify interior goods and truths, and hence the Israelites, prior...

"And they came to their entrails," in Gen. 41:21, signifies interior extermination.

The number "two" has two different meanings in the Bible. In most cases "two" indicates a joining together or unification. This is easy to see...

'Kidneys,' as in Exodus 29:13, signify interior truths, or truths exploring, purifying, and correcting.

'The liver,' as in Exodus 29:13, signifies interior purification, and 'the caul above the liver,' the inferior good of the external or natural self.

Just as natural fire can be both comforting in keeping you warm or scary in burning down your house, so fire in the spiritual sense...

To ask counsel at their stocks,' as in Hosea 4:12, signifies the good of the delight that comes from some lusts.

Sweet' signifies delightful things from the good of truth and the truth of good. Everything sweet in the natural world corresponds to delightful and pleasant...

A flock, as in Genesis 26, denotes interior or rational good. A flock signifies those who are in spiritual good. A flock signifies natural interior...

'A lamb' signifies the good of the innocence of infancy. 'A lamb' signifies the Lord regarding His divine humanity. The lamb,' as in Revelation 8:11,...

'To put' has reference to order, arrangement, application, and influx.

The belly (Psalms 16:4) signifies the interior understanding.

To give food, as in Genesis 41:48, signifies to store up.

From correspondences, a goat signifies the natural man. The goat which was sacrificed, as in Leviticus 16:5-10, signifies the natural man regarding a part purified,...

'Perpetual' in the literal sense, means to the end of one’s life, after death, and eternity.

To “generate” something is to create it, and that idea underpins the meaning of a “generation” of people – it is a group that was...

When we eat, our bodies break down the food and get from it both energy and materials for building and repairing the body. The process...