何西阿书 13

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1 因拜偶像而荣华尽失

2 现在他们犯罪越来越多,为自己做铸像,按着自己的技巧,用自己的子做偶像;这些都是匠人的手工。他们论到这些:“向偶像献祭的人,可以与牛犊亲嘴。”

3 因此,他们必像晨的雾,又如易逝的朝,又像打谷场上的秕被旋风吹去,又像烟气从烟窗上腾。

4 因骄傲而忘记“自从你出埃及地以来,我就是耶和华你的。除我以外,你不可有别的;除我以外,再没有拯者。

5 我曾在旷野,在干旱之地,认识你。

6 但他们得了喂养,饱足以后,就高气傲,因此忘记了我。

7 所以我要像狮子临到他们,像子埋伏在旁。

8 我要袭击他们,像一只失掉幼的母,撕裂他们的胸膛;在那里我必像一只母狮吞他们;野兽必撕裂他们。

9 必受极重的刑罚“以色列啊,我要毁灭你,谁能帮助你呢?

10 现在你的在哪里?让他拯你吧!你所有的领袖在哪里?让他们治理你吧!因为论到他们你曾请求:‘把和领袖赐我。’

11 我在忿怒中把你,又在烈怒中把他废去。

12 以法莲的孽是封着的,他的罪恶贮藏起来。

13 生产的疼痛要临到他身上,他却是没有智慧的人,因为产期到了,他还迟延不破胎而出。

14 我要赎他们脱离阴间的权势吗?赎他们脱离死亡吗?死亡啊,你的灾害在哪里?阴间啊,你的毁灭在哪里?怜悯必从我眼前隐藏起来。

15 他虽然在芦苇中长得茂盛,但东必要到,耶和华的要从旷野上,他的水泉就干涸,他的泉源就枯竭。他所贮藏的一切珍贵器皿,都被掠夺去了。

16 撒玛利亚必承担自己罪的刑罚,因为他背叛了他的。他们必倒在刀下。他们的婴孩被摔死,他们的孕妇必被剖开肚腹。”(本节在《马索拉抄本》为14:1)

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'Silver,' in the internal sense of the Word, signifies truth, but also falsity. 'Silver' means the truth of faith, or the truth acquired from selfhood,...

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In Isaiah 19:1, "Jehovah rides upon a light cloud, and comes into Egypt", signifies the visitation of the natural man from spiritual-natural Divine Truth, for...

Dew, in Deut. 32:2 signifies the multiplication of truth from good, and the fructification of good by truth.

The floor, as in Matthew 3:12, signifies the world of spirits which is between heaven and hell, and where the separation of evils and falsities...

Chaff is mentioned in Matthew 3:12 signifies falsity of every kind, derived from an in­fernal origin.

'Mizraim' signifies the same thing as Egypt.

The Lord is love itself, expressed in the form of wisdom itself. Love, then, is His essence, His inmost. Wisdom - the loving understanding of...

The Lord from the essential divine, through the divine human, is the savior. The Lord became the savior by His spiritual temptations, or combats.

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To forget, in the internal sense, signifies nothing else but removal and apparent privation.

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Coming (Gen. 41:14) denotes communication by influx.

The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

'Samaria,' as in Amos 4:1. 6:1, signifies the spiritual church perverted.