Sagaria 10

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1 Bid tot die HERE om reën in die tyd van die laat reëns; die HERE maak die weerligte, en Hy sal aan hulle 'n stortreën gee, plante op die veld aan iedereen.

2 Want die huisgode spreek bedrog, en die waarsêers sien leuens en verkondig nietige drome, hulle troos met wind. Daarom het hulle weggeswerwe soos 'n kudde; hulle verkeer in verdrukking, omdat daar geen herder is nie.

3 Teen die herders het my toorn ontvlam, en oor die voorbokke sal Ek besoeking bring; want die HERE van die leërskare gee ag op sy kudde, op die huis van Juda, en maak hulle tot sy pragtige perd in die stryd.

4 Uit hom sal die hoeksteen, uit hom die muurpen, uit hom die strydboog, uit hom die heersers almal saam uitgaan.

5 En hulle sal wees soos helde wat in die oorlog die modder van die strate vertrap; en hulle sal veg, want die HERE is met hulle; en die ruitery sal beskaamd uitkom.

6 En Ek sal die huis van Juda sterk maak en aan die huis van Josef hulp verleen en hulle 'n woonplek aanwys, want Ek ontferm My oor hulle; en hulle sal wees asof Ek hulle nie verwerp het nie, want Ek is die HERE hulle God, en Ek sal hulle verhoor.

7 En Efraim sal wees soos 'n held, en hulle hart sal vrolik wees soos deur wyn, en hulle kinders sal dit sien en hulle verbly, hulle hart sal juig in die HERE.

8 Ek wil vir hulle fluit en hulle vergader, want Ek het hulle losgekoop; en hulle sal net so talryk wees soos tevore.

9 En Ek sal hulle saai onder die volke, en in die verafgeleë streke sal hulle aan My dink; en hulle sal saam met hul kinders in die lewe bly en terugkom.

10 En Ek sal hulle terugbring uit Egipteland en uit Assur hulle vergader en hulle na die land Gílead en die Líbanon bring; maar dit sal vir hulle nie voldoende wees nie.

11 En Hy sal deur die see van benoudheid trek en die golwe in die see slaan, en al die dieptes van die Nyl sal opdroog; ook sal die trotsheid van Assírië neergewerp word, en die septer van Egipteland wyk.

12 En Ek sal hulle sterk maak in die HERE, en hulle sal in sy Naam wandel, spreek die HERE.

   Studovat vnitřní smysl

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The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

'Rain,' in a positive sense, denotes blessing, but in the opposite sense, damnation Rain,' as in Genesis 2:5-6, Exodus 34:25-27, and Hosea 6:3, signifies the...

Time is an aspect of the physical world, but according to Swedenborg is not an aspect of the spiritual world. The same is true of...

Like other common verbs, the meaning of "give" in the Bible is affected by context: who is giving what to whom? In general, though, giving...

Every herb in the Word signifies some species of scientifics. 'Herb bearing seed,' as mentioned in Genesis 1:29, signifies every truth which regards use. 'Green...

When we have a desire to be good people and to do good things, the natural first questions are "What does that mean?" "What should...

There are three universal kinds of idolatry; the first is grounded in self-love, the second in the love of the world, and the third in...

As with many common verbs, the meaning of “to say” in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Who is speaking? Who is hearing? What...

The symbolic meaning of "seeing" is "understanding," which is obvious enough that it has become part of common language (think about it; you might see...

A dream, as in Genesis 20:3,signifies being somewhat obscure.

When the Bible talks about someone being comforted or consoled, it generally means that they are being offered ideas that will help bring them to...

It’s pretty easy for most people to read the Bible and get a sense for what “sheep” means without any help. They are simple, peaceful,...

Matthew 24:21 mentions an affliction "such as was not from the beginning of the world, no nor ever shall be". There, the affliction means the...

The Writings tell us that shepherds represent those who lead and teach others, using knowledge and true ideas to help people reach the goodness of...

'Wrath,' as in Genesis 49:7, signifies aversion from truth. 'Great wrath,' as in Revelation 12:12, signifies hatred against the new church.

The end time of the church and each individual, is called 'the visitation,' and precedes judgment. 'Visitation' is nothing but an exploration of the quality...

A "house" is essentially a container - for a person, for a family, for several families or even for a large group with shared interests...

City of Judah,' as in Isaiah 40:9, signifies the doctrine of love towards the Lord and love towards our neighbor in its whole extent.

'A horse' signifies knowledges or understanding of the Word. In an opposite sense it signifies the understanding of the Word falsified by reasonings, and likewise...

War in the Word represents the combat of temptation when what is good is assaulted by what is evil or false. The evil that attacks...

'Might' denotes the forces or power of truth.

War in the Word represents the combat of temptation when what is good is assaulted by what is evil or false. The evil that attacks...

The phrase 'in the streets and synagogues' in Matthew 6:2, 5, and Luke 8:26-27, refers to a representative rite amongst the Jews to teach in...

Many people were nomadic in Biblical times, especially the times of the Old Testament, and lived in tents that could be struck, moved and re-raised...

When the Bible speaks of "Jehovah," it is representing love itself, the inmost love that is the essence of the Lord. That divine love is...

Ephraim was the second son born to Joseph in Egypt and was, along with his older brother Manasseh, elevated by Jacob to the same status...

The heart means love. A good heart means love to the Lord and to the neighbor while a hard or stony heart means the love...

Wine played a key role in the ancient world, where safe, reliable water sources were scarce. It could be stored for long periods of time;...

A child is a young boy or girl in the care of parents, older than a suckling or an infant, but not yet an adolescent....

To make glad signifies influx and reception from joy of heart.

A congregation is a group of people with common loves, interests, and purposes. It often refers to a church group. In the Word it is...

As with common verbs in general, the meaning of “bring” is highly dependent on context, but in general it represents an introduction to a new...

'Lands' of different nations are used in the Word to signify the different kinds of love prevalent in the inhabitants.

'Lebanon' signifies spiritual good. 'Lebanon' signifies the church regarding the perception of truth from the rational self.

Water generally represents what Swedenborg calls “natural truth,” or true concepts about day-to-day matters and physical things. Since all water ultimately flows into the seas,...

'The smitten' signify people who are oppressed by the falsities of ignorance.

The deeps mentioned in Psalms 148:7 signify the ultimate heavens, in which the spiritual natural angels are ; also divine truths in abundance, and arcana...

It's easy to see that names are important in the Bible. Jehovah changed Abram and Sarai to Abraham and Sarah, changed Jacob to Israel and...