Ezekiel 47

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Afrikaans 1953     

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1 Daarna het hy my teruggebring na die ingang van die huis, en kyk, daar het waters uitgestroom onder die drumpel van die huis uit, na die ooste toe; want die voorkant van die huis was na die ooste toe; en die waters het weggevloei onder die regtersymuur van die huis uit, suid van die altaar.

2 En hy het my uitgebring deur die noordpoort en my buitekant om laat gaan na die buitenste poort wat na die ooste kyk; en kyk, die waters het gekabbel uit die regtersymuur uit.

3 Toe die man na die ooste uitgegaan het met 'n meetsnoer in sy hand, het hy duisend el gemeet; en hy het my deur die waters laat deurgaan--waters tot aan die enkels.

4 Toe het hy nog duisend gemeet en my deur die waters laat deurgaan--waters tot aan die knieë; en hy het nog duisend gemeet en my laat deurgaan--waters tot aan die heupe.

5 Verder het hy nog duisend gemeet--'n stroom wat ek nie kon deurgaan nie! Want die waters het opgerys--waters om in te swem, 'n stroom waar 'n mens nie deur kan loop nie.

6 En hy het vir my gesê: Het jy dit gesien, mensekind? Toe het hy my weer terug laat loop aan die kant van die stroom.

7 Terwyl ek teruggaan, kyk, toe het ek aan die kant van die stroom 'n menigte bome gesien, aan altwee kante.

8 En hy het vir my gesê: Hierdie waters vloei weg na die oostelike landstreek en loop in die Vlakte af en gaan na die see; in die see word dit uitgelei, sodat die waters daarvan gesond kan word.

9 En al die lewende wesens wat wemel, oral waar die dubbele stroom kom, sal lewe; en daar sal 'n menigte visse wees, omdat hierdie waters daarheen gekom het; en dié waters sal gesond word, en alles sal lewe waar die stroom kom.

10 Ook sal vissers daaraan staan, van Éngedi af tot by en Eglaim: 'n droogmaakplek vir die nette sal dit wees; na hulle soorte sal daar visse in wees soos die visse van die Groot See, 'n menigte.

11 Die moerasse en kuile daarvan--húlle sal nie gesond word nie: vir sout is hulle bestem.

12 En by die stroom sal aan altwee kante allerhande bome groei om van te eet, waarvan die blare nie sal verdor en die vrugte nie sal opraak nie; elke maand sal hulle nuwe vrugte dra; want die waters waar hulle aan staan--uit die heiligdom stroom hulle; en hulle vrugte sal wees om te eet en hulle blare om te genees.

13 So die Here HERE: Dit moet die grondgebied wees waarin julle die land as erfdeel sal verwerf volgens die twaalf stamme van Israel--vir Josef twee dele.

14 En julle moet dit erwe, die een soos die ander, omdat Ek my hand opgehef het om dit aan julle vaders te gee; en hierdie land moet julle as erfenis toeval.

15 En dit moet die grens van die land wees: aan die noordekant van die Groot See af, langs die weg van Hetlon, tot by die ingang na Sedad toe:

16 Hamat, Berota, Sibraim, wat tussen die gebied van Damaskus en die gebied van Hamat lê, die middelste Haser, wat op die grens van Hauran is.

17 So moet dan die grens van die See af wees tot by Hasar-Enon, die gebied van Damaskus, en wat die noorde betref noordwaarts, is Hamat die grens; dit is die noordekant.

18 En aan die oostekant: tussen Hauran en Damaskus en Gílead en die land van Israel uit--die Jordaan; van dié grens af tot by die Oostelike See moet julle dit meet; dit is die oostekant.

19 En aan die suidekant na die suide toe van Tamar af tot by die twiswaters van Kades, dan na die spruit van Egipte tot by die Groot See; dit is die suidekant na die suide toe.

20 En aan die westekant die Groot See, van die grens af tot reg teenoor die plek waar die ingang na Hamat is; dit is die westekant.

21 En julle moet hierdie land aan julle uitdeel volgens die stamme van Israel.

22 En julle moet dit as erfenis laat toeval aan julle en aan die vreemdelinge wat onder julle vertoef, wat kinders onder julle verwek het; en hulle sal vir julle wees soos 'n kind van die land onder die kinders van Israel; saam met julle moet hulle 'n erfdeel ontvang onder die stamme van Israel.

23 En in die stam waar die vreemdeling by vertoef, daar moet julle hom sy erfdeel gee, spreek die Here HERE.

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Word/Phrase Explanations

A "house" is essentially a container - for a person, for a family, for several families or even for a large group with shared interests...

'Waters' signify truths in the natural self, and in the opposite sense, falsities. 'Waters' signify particularly the spiritual parts of a person, or the intellectual...

'South' denotes truth in light.

The first altar mentioned in the Word was built by Noah after he came out of the ark. On that altar, he sacrificed clean animals...

In general, men are driven by intellect and women by affections, and because of this men in the Bible generally represent knowledge and truth and...

Scientists believe that one of the most crucial developments in the evolution of humans was bipedalism – walking on two legs. That left our hands...

As children, most of us at some point frustrated our mothers into using the phrase “if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand...

'To measure' signifies knowing and exploring the quality of something.

A knee,' as in Genesis 30:5, signifies conjugial love. The king,' as in Isaiah 66:12, signifies celestial love. A knee,' as in Ezekiel 7:17, signifies...

'Loins' in general, signify love, and when referring to the Lord, divine love. 'Loins' signify the interiors of conjugial love. Loins,' as in Isaiah 11:5,...

A 'stream' signifies aspects of intelligence.

As with many common verbs, the meaning of “to say” in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Who is speaking? Who is hearing? What...

To look,' as in Genesis 18:22, signifies thinking, because seeing denotes understanding. Look not back behind thee,' as in Genesis 19:17, means that Lot, who...

Everyone knows the phrase "the natural order of things." It means that everything is in its proper place, occupying the niche it is meant to...

'Side' signifies good or spiritual love.

'Trees,' in general, signify the perceptions when discussing the celestial self, but when related to the spiritual church, they signify knowledges. A person in the...

'A plain' signifies good and truth in the natural self, because 'the people who dwell in plains,' or 'beneath mountains and hills' are in the...

"Down" is used many different ways in natural language, and its spiritual meaning in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Phrases like "bowing down,"...

All changes of place in the Bible represent changes in spiritual state. “Entering” – usually used as entering someone’s house or “going in unto” someone...

Water generally represents what Swedenborg calls “natural truth,” or true concepts about day-to-day matters and physical things. Since all water ultimately flows into the seas,...

Coming (Gen. 41:14) denotes communication by influx.

Fishers from Engedi unto Eneglaim, as in Ezekiel 47:10, signifies those who shall instruct the natural man in the truths of faith.

'To stay with,' as in Genesis 32:4, relates to the life of truth when accompanied by good, and in this instance, it means to take...

The word "great" is used in the Bible to represent a state with a strong degree of love and affection, of the desire for good;...

'Salt' is the desire of conjunction of truth with good, which is why only salt will conjoin water, which corresponds to truth, and oil, which...

'Leaves' symbolize rational truths because a tree symbolizes a person, and every part of the tree symbolizes accordant elements in the person.

We tend to think of "fruit" in two ways in natural language. One is as food that grows on trees and vines, sweet and delicious,...

'A month' has respect to the state of truth in a person. 'A month' signifies a full state. Month,' as in Genesis 29, signifies the...

The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

'Lands' of different nations are used in the Word to signify the different kinds of love prevalent in the inhabitants.

In general, 'the twelve tribes' signify every aspect of the doctrine of truth and good, or of faith and love. Truth and good, or faith...

'Israel,' in Jeremiah 23:8, signifies the spiritual natural church. The children of Israel dispersed all the literal sense of the Word by falsities. 'The children...

The number "two" has two different meanings in the Bible. In most cases "two" indicates a joining together or unification. This is easy to see...

Father in the Word means what is most interior, and in those things that are following the Lord's order, it means what is good. In...

Like other common verbs, the meaning of "give" in the Bible is affected by context: who is giving what to whom? In general, though, giving...

In Biblical times, possessions passed from fathers to sons, a patriarchal system that would not be accepted in today's society – but one that is...

A border as in Isaiah 54:12 signifies the scientific and sensual principle. "And thou shalt make unto it a border of an hand-breath round about."...

Damascus and Aroer (Isaiah 17:1, 2) signify the knowledges of truth and good. See Eliezer of Damascus.

'North' signifies people who are in obscurity regarding truth. North,' in Isaiah 14:31, signifies hell. The North,' as in Jeremiah 3:12, signifies people who are...

'Kadesh' denotes truths, and contention about truths.

To beget or to be begotten is very similar in meaning to birth: It represents one spiritual state leading to the next spiritual state. "Beget,"...

The word "stranger" is used many times in the Bible, and it is sometimes paired with the word "sojourner". They are different concepts in the...

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