John 2:8



8 And he saith to them, Draw out now, and bear to the governor of the feast. And they bore it.

Commentary on this verse  

By Brian David

Jesus and Mary are marked with glowing auras in this depiction of "The Wedding at Cana," by Dutch artist Gerard David, created around 1500.

The servants here, at Jesus' bidding, draw out wine from the waterpots and take it to the governor of the wedding feast.

The servants represent our external minds: the thoughts and intentions we have about day-to-day things. To draw out water (or wine) represents a state of instruction; in this case instruction in the internal true ideas represented by wine. A governor represents our most basic true ideas, those drawn directly from the Lord's desire for good for us, and a feast represents the coming together of two spiritual states.

On a spiritual level, what this verse illustrates is the external mind getting its first glimpse of a new, deeper truth, then comparing that truth to its most deeply held ideas about how to be good.