5 Mosebok 8:3



3 Ja, han tuktade dig och lät dig hungra, och han gav dig manna att äta, en mat som du förut icke visste av, och som icke heller dina fäder visste av; på det att han skulle lära dig förstå att människan lever icke allenast av bröd, utan att hon lever av allt det som utgår av HERRENS mun.

Commentary on this verse  

By Alexander Payne

Verse 3. And He showed you your own nothingness, and suffered you to feel the want of spiritual good, and then supplied the hunger of the soul with good and truth from Himself, which you perceive was not of your own acquiring, and which you hadst not experienced in any previous state; that you might clearly perceive that your spiritual life is not fed by the wisdom and good endeavours acquired by your own exertions alone, but by the influx of the Love and Wisdom proceeding from the Divine Humanity is the soul fed.