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馬太福音 9:18-26 : Jesus Raises a Dead Girl and Heals a Sick Woman


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18 治好血漏病的女人(可5:22~34;路8:41~48)耶穌對他們說話的時候,有一位會堂的主管走來跪在他面前,說:“我的女兒剛死了,但請你來按手在她身上,她必活過來。”

19 於是耶穌和門徒起來跟著他去了。

20 有一個女人,患了十二年的血漏病,她走到耶穌背後,摸他衣服的繸子,

21 因為她心裡說:“只要摸到他的衣服,我就必痊愈。”

22 耶穌轉過來看見她,就說:“女兒,放心!你的信心使你痊愈了。”從那時起,那女人就好了。

23 使女孩復活(可5:35~43;路8:49~56)耶穌進了那主管的家,看見有吹笛的人和喧嘩的群眾,

24 就說:“出去!這女孩不是死了,只是睡了。”他們就嘲笑他。

25 耶穌趕走眾人之後,進去拉著女孩的手,女孩就起來了。

26 這消息傳遍了那一帶。

   Study the Inner Meaning
From Swedenborg's Works

Explanations or references:

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Doctrine of the Lord 41

References from Swedenborg's unpublished works:

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Meditate On What God Says About You      

By Rev. Todd Beiswenger

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Our mind is running all the time, thoughts pouring in for good and for bad. We have a choice as to which thoughts we are going to focus on, and if we can focus on what God says about us we can be happy, grateful and blessed.

(References: Arcana Coelestia 2892; Isaiah 26:3, 60:1-2; Joshua 1:8; Luke 8:49-50; Matthew 9:27-30; Psalms 20:7)