Luke 3:33

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Aramaic NT: Peshitta

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33 ܒܪ ܥܡܝܢܕܒ ܒܪ ܐܪܡ ܒܪ ܚܨܪܘܢ ܒܪ ܦܪܨ ܒܪ ܝܗܘܕܐ ܀

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Resources for parents and teachers

The items listed here are provided courtesy of our friends at the General Church of the New Jerusalem. You can search/browse their whole library by following this link.

 Baptism of the Lord
Use felt tip markers to draw a picture of John baptizing the Lord in the Jordan River. Then dip a paintbrush in water and go over the picture to give the effect of watercolor. 
Project | Ages 4 - 14

 John the Baptist Prepares the Way
Sunday School Lesson | Ages 9 - 12

 The Baptism of Jesus
Connect the dots to make the dove appear in this picture of the Lord's baptism.
Project | Ages 4 - 10

 Years Have Their Beginnings
Worship Talk | Ages 7 - 14