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5 Then went out to him Jerusalem, and all Judaea, and all the region round about Jordan,

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Explanation of Matthew 3      

By Rev. John Clowes M.A.

Verse 1. The state of the church is represented as being without any truth, because without good, in consequence of adulterating the Word.

Verse 2. Which Word teaches that men ought to shun evils as sins against God, and believe in the Lord's Divine Humanity.

Verse 3. And thereby prepare themselves to receive good and truth from the Lord.

Verse 4. The ultimates of the Word, which are natural, are described.

Verse 5. To which all within the church have access.

Verse 6. And are thereby initiated into knowledges concerning the Lord, His coming, and salvation by Him, and are thus reformed and regenerated.

Verse 7. Being taught that of themselves they are nothing but evil, and that they ought to explore the Divine origin of that Word, which would make it manifest.

Verse 8. And to renounce their natural corruptions.

Verse 9. And not to depend upon external sanctification, which may be communicated to the lowest principles and things.

Verse 10. But to apply the Divine truths of the Word, to the removal of self-love, otherwise they will perish eternally, being left without love to the Lord, and without charity.

Verse 11. Whereas, if they suffer themselves to be led by truth to shun the evils of self-love, they will become receptive of the internal Word, which is the Lord, and be initiated into truth and good from Him.

Verse 12. From whom alone comes radical purification, and conjunction of goods and truths with heaven, through the removal of all evils and falsities into hell.

Verse 13. The Lord, as to His Human essence, submits to be initiated into the external truths of the Word.

Verse 14. Although, as to His Divine Essence He was the essential Word itself.

Verse 15. Thus He made Himself the Word in its ultimates, as He was the Word in its first principles.

Verse 16. But ascending rapidly out of external truths, He enters into the interior truths and goods of the Word, even to the Divine Truth in Himself.

Verse 17. And also to the Divine Good in Himself.

From Swedenborg's Works

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