John 1:2

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2 The same was in the beginning with God.

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This stained glass window, at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in Charleston, S.C., USA, shows the Word of God being shared with followers of Jesus.

This verse reinforces points in the first verse: that the divine truth was not created by or created after the divine love which it expresses. The two are one: Love has to express itself as truth to have form; truth has to express love to have substance. Love without truth is not really love at all; it’s just a feeling and a potential. Truth without love is not really truth; it’s just a concept with no goal, no use, no purpose.

"God" here represents the Lord’s desire for good; this verse then reinforces that perfect truth and perfect good were together from the beginning.

It’s also worth noting that along with the ultimate "beginning," there are also "beginnings" for each of us, marking the moments when we choose to turn away from evil and open ourselves to the Lord. This verse, then, reassures us that when we make such a beginning, the Lord’s love and the Lord’s truth will be there for us. And it also tells us that if we want to make a real beginning, we need to find that truth and cling to it as the best way to receive the Lord’s love.

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