Ezekiel 13



1 And the word of Jehovah was unto me, saying,

2 Son of man, prophesy to the prophets of Israel who prophesy, and say to those who prophesy from their own hearts, Hear ye the word of Jehovah;

3 thus says the Lord Jehovih*; Woe on the foolish prophets, who walk after their own spirit, and have seen nothing!

4 O Israel, thy prophets are as foxes in the wastes.

5 You have not gone·​·up into the breaches, neither fenced·​·in the house of Israel with a fence, to stand in the battle in the day of Jehovah.

6 They have beheld vanity and the divination of a lie, saying, Thus says Jehovah; and Jehovah has not sent them; and they have made others to hope, to raise·​·up the word.

7 Have you not beheld a vain vision, and said a lying divination; and you are saying, Jehovah says; and I have not spoken?

8 Therefore thus says the Lord Jehovih; Because you have spoken vanity, and beheld lies, therefore, behold, I am against you, says the Lord Jehovih.

9 And My hand shall be against the prophets who have·​·visions of vanity and who divine lies; they shall not be in the council of My people, neither shall they be written in the writing of the house of Israel, neither shall they come onto the ground of Israel; and you shall know that I am the Lord Jehovih.

10 Because, and even because they have seduced My people, saying, Peace; and there was no Peace; and one built an outside·​·wall, and, behold, others plastered it with unfit mortar;

11 say unto those who plaster it with unfit mortar, that it shall fall; there shall be an overflowing shower; and you, great·​·hail stones, shall fall; and the wind of a tempest shall rip· it ·open.

12 And behold, when the wall is fallen, shall it not be said unto you, Where is the plaster with which you have plastered it?

13 Therefore thus says the Lord Jehovih; I will even rip· it ·open with the wind of a tempest in My fury; and there shall be an overflowing shower in My anger, and great·​·hail stones in fury to completion.

14 And I will break·​·down the wall that you have plastered with unfit mortar, and make it reach to the earth, so that the foundation thereof shall be revealed, and it shall fall, and you shall all· be ·consumed in her midst; and you shall know that I am Jehovah.

15 And I will complete My fury upon the wall, and upon them that have plastered it with unfit mortar, and will say unto you, The wall is no more, and not they that plastered it;

16 that is, the prophets of Israel who prophesy to Jerusalem, and who behold visions of peace for her, and there is no peace, says the Lord Jehovih.

17 And thou son of man, set thy face against the daughters of thy people, who prophesy out·​·of their own heart; and prophesy thou against them,

18 and say, Thus says the Lord Jehovih; Woe to the women that sew cushions on all the joints of My hands, and make kerchiefs upon the head of those of every stature to hunt souls! Will you hunt the souls of My people, and will you make· the souls ·to·​·live for you?

19 And will you profane Me to My people over handfuls of barley and over morsels of bread, to cause the souls to die that should· not ·die, and to make· the souls ·to·​·live that should not live, by your lying to My people who hear your lies?

20 Therefore thus says the Lord Jehovih; Behold, I am against your cushions, with which you there hunt the souls to make them fly·​·off, and I will rend them from on your arms, and will send·​·away the souls, the souls that you hunt to make them fly·​·off.

21 And your kerchiefs will I rend, and rescue my people from your hand, and they will be no more in your hand for hunting; and you shall know that I am Jehovah.

22 Because with falsity you have made· the heart of the just ·dejected, and I have not caused· him ·pain; and confirmed the hands of the wicked, that he should not return from his evil way, to make· him ·live;

23 therefore you shall not behold vanity, nor shall you any·​·more divine divinations; and I will rescue My people from your hand: and you shall know that I am Jehovah.


Thanks to the Kempton Project for the permission to use this New Church translation of the Word.