2 Királyok 1:3



3 Az Úrnak angyala pedig szóla Thesbites Illésnek: Kelj fel, menj el eleibe a Samariabeli király követeinek, és szólj nékik: Nincs-é Isten Izráelben, hogy Baálzebubhoz, az Ekron istenéhez mentek tanácsot kérdeni?

Commentary on this verse  

By Henry MacLagan

Verse 3. Wherefore Divine Truth from Divine Love revealed in the Word of the Lord, leading the souls of men, drawing them, and dwelling in them, is elevated in the understanding of the corrupted man, and opposed to his falsities, dictating that the way of salvation ought to be sought for in the interior truth of the church, and not in the extreme falsities of faith alone which is barren and desolate.