Jonas 2

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French: Louis Segond (1910)         

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1 Jonas, dans le ventre du poisson, pria l'Eternel, son Dieu.

2 Il dit: Dans ma détresse, j'ai invoqué l'Eternel, Et il m'a exaucé; Du sein du séjour des morts j'ai crié, Et tu as entendu ma voix.

3 Tu m'as jeté dans l'abîme, dans le coeur de la mer, Et les courants d'eau m'ont environné; Toutes tes vagues et tous tes flots ont passé sur moi.

4 Je disais: Je suis chassé loin de ton regard! Mais je verrai encore ton saint temple.

5 Les eaux m'ont couvert jusqu'à m'ôter la vie, L'abîme m'a enveloppé, Les roseaux ont entouré ma tête.

6 Je suis descendu jusqu'aux racines des montagnes, Les barres de la terre m'enfermaient pour toujours; Mais tu m'as fait remonter vivant de la fosse, Eternel, mon Dieu!

7 Quand mon âme était abattue au dedans de moi, Je me suis souvenu de l'Eternel, Et ma prière est parvenue jusqu'à toi, Dans ton saint temple.

8 Ceux qui s'attachent à de vaines idoles Eloignent d'eux la miséricorde.

9 Pour moi, je t'offrirai des sacrifices avec un cri d'actions de grâces, J'accomplirai les voeux que j'ai faits: Le salut vient de l'Eternel.

10 L'Eternel parla au poisson, et le poisson vomit Jonas sur la terre.

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From Swedenborg's Works

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Word/Phrase Explanations

'Jonah' represents the Jewish nation.

The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

The Lord is love itself, expressed in the form of wisdom itself. Love, then, is His essence, His inmost. Wisdom - the loving understanding of...

As with many common verbs, the meaning of “to say” in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Who is speaking? Who is hearing? What...

'Hell,' as mentioned in Jonah 2:3, signifies the earth below.

'Voice' signifies what is announced from the Word. 'Voice' often refers and is applied to things that cannot have a voice, as in Exodus 4,...

Water generally represents what Swedenborg calls “natural truth,” or true concepts about day-to-day matters and physical things. Since all water ultimately flows into the seas,...

'To pass,' as in Genesis 31:52, signifies flowing in. 'To pass the night,' as in Genesis 24:54, signifies having peace. 'To pass through,' as in...

'A temple' represents heaven and the church. The sacred place where the ark was, represents the inmost, or third heaven, and the church among people...

'Waters' signify truths in the natural self, and in the opposite sense, falsities. 'Waters' signify particularly the spiritual parts of a person, or the intellectual...

Flags, as in Exodus 2:3, signify scientific falsities.

To encompass, as in Genesis 19:4, signifies to be contrary, or to attack and assault with a hostile intention.

'Hills' signify the good of charity.

Bars, as in Lamentations 2:9, signify doctrinals

"Earth" in the Bible can mean a person or a group of like-minded people as in a church. But it refers specifically to the external...

'To remember,' as in Genesis 41:9, signifies conjunction. 'Remembering' denotes conjunction because the remembrance of anyone in the other life joins them together, because as...

Like "say," the word "speak" refers to thoughts and feelings moving from our more internal spiritual levels to our more external ones – and ultimately...

'Vomit' relates to the falsification of divine truth.

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