Lamentations 5

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1 Rememoru, ho Eternulo, kio farigxis al ni; Rigardu kaj vidu nian malhonoron!

2 Nia heredajxo transiris al fremduloj, Niaj domoj al aligentuloj.

3 Ni farigxis orfoj senpatraj, Niaj patrinoj estas kiel vidvinoj.

4 Nian akvon ni trinkas pro mono; Nian lignon ni ricevas nur pro pago.

5 Oni pelas nin je nia kolo; Ni lacigxis, sed oni ne permesas al ni ripozi.

6 Al Egiptujo ni etendis la manon, Al Asirio, por satigxi per pano.

7 Niaj patroj pekis, sed ili jam ne ekzistas; Kaj ni devas suferi pro iliaj malbonagoj.

8 Sklavoj regas super ni; Kaj neniu liberigas nin el iliaj manoj.

9 Kun dangxero por nia vivo ni akiras nian panon, Pro la glavo en la dezerto.

10 Nia hauxto varmegigxis kiel forno, Por la kruela malsato.

11 La virinojn en Cion ili senhonorigis, La virgulinojn en la urboj de Judujo.

12 La princoj estas pendigitaj je siaj manoj; La maljunulojn oni ne respektis.

13 La junuloj devas porti muelsxtonojn; La knaboj falas sub la lignosxargxoj.

14 La maljunuloj jam ne sidas cxe la pordegoj, La junuloj jam ne kantas.

15 Malaperis la gajeco de nia koro; Niaj dancrondoj aliformigxis en funebron.

16 Defalis la krono de nia kapo; Ho ve al ni, ke ni pekis!

17 Pro tio senfortigxis nia koro, Pro tio senlumigxis niaj okuloj:

18 Pro la monto Cion, ke gxi farigxis dezerta, Ke vulpoj vagas sur gxi.

19 Sed Vi, ho Eternulo, kiu restas eterne Kaj kies trono staras de generacio al generacio,

20 Kial Vi forgesis nin kvazaux por eterne, Forlasis nin por longa tempo?

21 Reirigu nin, ho Eternulo, al Vi, ke ni revenu; Renovigu niajn tagojn kiel en la tempo antauxa.

22 CXar cxu Vi nin tute forpusxis? Vi tre forte ekkoleris kontraux ni.

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Word/Phrase Explanations

The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

Angels do give us guidance, but they are mere helpers; the Lord alone governs us, through angels and spirits. Since angels have their assisting role,...

To look,' as in Genesis 18:22, signifies thinking, because seeing denotes understanding. Look not back behind thee,' as in Genesis 19:17, means that Lot, who...

In Ezekiel 28:7, 'strangers' signify falsities which destroy truths, and 'the terrible of the nations,' evils which destroy good.

A "house" is essentially a container - for a person, for a family, for several families or even for a large group with shared interests...

'Orphans' signify people who are in a state of innocence and charity, and desire to know and to do what is good but are not...

In general, mothers in the Bible represent the Lord's church on earth, or the church among those who know and follow the Lord. In some...

To be drunken without wine (Isa. 29:9), are they who are unconcerned about the Word, and the truths of faith, and thus have no inclination...

'Silver,' in the internal sense of the Word, signifies truth, but also falsity. 'Silver' means the truth of faith, or the truth acquired from selfhood,...

'The neck' signifies influx and the communication of interior and exterior levels and the following conjunction. The inmost or third heaven has reference to the...

'Mizraim' signifies the same thing as Egypt.

Just as natural food feeds the natural body, so spiritual food feeds the spiritual body. And since our spiritual body is the expression of what...

Father in the Word means what is most interior, and in those things that are following the Lord's order, it means what is good. In...

In the Word three terms are used to mean bad things that are done. These three are transgression, iniquity, and sin, and they are here...

Scientists believe that one of the most crucial developments in the evolution of humans was bipedalism – walking on two legs. That left our hands...

A 'sword,' in the Word, signifies the truth of faith combating and the vastation of truth. In an opposite sense, it signifies falsity combating and...

'Wilderness' signifies something with little life in it, as described in the internal sense in Luke 1:80 'Wilderness' signifies somewhere there is no good because...

'An oven,' as in Malachi 4:1, signifies hell, where the people live who confirm themselves in false doctrines and evils of life from earthly and...

Cities of the mountain and cities of the plain (Jer. 33:13) signify doctrines of charity and faith.

City of Judah,' as in Isaiah 40:9, signifies the doctrine of love towards the Lord and love towards our neighbor in its whole extent.

Captains and Rulers (Jer. 51:23) signifies principal evils and falsities. Captains and Rulers (Ezek 33:6) signifies principal truths. See Chief Captains.

"Youths" or "Young men" generally represent intelligence or the understanding of truth. This is fitting, since adolescent boys tend to be more advanced intellectually than...

Generally speaking things that are seen as lower physically in the Bible represent things that are lower or more external spiritually. In some cases this...

Elders are mentioned in the Bible mainly in two ways: First the elders of Israel: and second the 24 elders seated about the throne of...

"Gates" in ancient times had a significance that does not hold in the modern world. Cities then were enclosed by walls for protection; gates in...

The heart means love. A good heart means love to the Lord and to the neighbor while a hard or stony heart means the love...

The head is the part of us that is highest, which means in a representative sense that it is what is closest to the Lord....

It’s common to say “I see” when we understand something. And indeed, “seeing” in the Bible represents grasping and understanding spiritual things. So it makes...

'Hills' signify the good of charity.

If man closes up the middle natural degree, which corresponds to the middle spiritual, he becomes, with respect to love, like a fox, and with...

'Perpetual' in the literal sense, means to the end of one’s life, after death, and eternity.

'The Lord's throne' signifies, in general, the whole heaven, and specifically, the spiritual heaven, and by extension, divine truth proceeding, and so, everything of heaven...

To “generate” something is to create it, and that idea underpins the meaning of a “generation” of people – it is a group that was...

'Long' and thence to prolong, refer to good.