Simeon and Anna Bless the Newborn Baby Jesus

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If we can be like Simeon -- loving to see truth, and Anna, loving to be good -- we will be ready, and listening, and willing to be moved by the spirit, and we will see the Lord born in our lives.

Създаден или преведен от: Ray and Star Silverman

Дата на създаване: 2020

Информация: Many thanks to Ray and Star Silverman for the permission to use the materials from their book, "A Seamless Garment," for the chapter summaries for the Four Gospels.

Авторско право: Copyright by the author

All rights reserved. These commentaries have been published serially, with Matthew in 2020, Mark in 2021, Luke in 2022, and now John continuing in 2023.

Лиценз: Used with permission - вижте условията

За: This is a study of the Four Gospels as a divinely arranged narrative, from the first word of Matthew to the last word of John.

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