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New Church authors have been working with Swedenborg's Writings since they were published, filling in explanations of the Bible's inner meaning, and wrestling with spiritual questions. Some of the works offer Bible commentaries that are quite extensive.

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SubjectBible BooksTitleAuthorDate WrittenPages
Bible ExplanationGenesisAllegories of GenesisKing, Thomas A.192290
Bible ExplanationGenesisBible Study Notes - Volume 1Dole, Anita S. 1977-1979453
Bible ExplanationExodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Joshua, JudgesBible Study Notes - Volume 2Dole, Anita S. 1977-1979446
Bible Explanation1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, PsalmsBible Study Notes - Volume 3Dole, Anita S. 1977-1979430
Bible ExplanationIsaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel, Amos, Jonah, Micah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, MatthewBible Study Notes - Volume 4Dole, Anita S. 1977-1979430
Bible ExplanationMark, LukeBible Study Notes - Volume 5Dole, Anita S. 1977-1979378
Bible ExplanationJohn, RevelationBible Study Notes - Volume 6Dole, Anita S. 1977-1979414
Bible ExplanationDanielThe Book of DanielHinkley, Willard H.189486
Bible ExplanationRevelationCommentary on the Revelation of St. JohnBruce, William1877448
Bible ExplanationGenesisCreationOdhner, Hugo Lj.196470
Bible ExplanationExodus, DeuteronomyEssays on the Ten CommandmentsOdhner, Hugo Lj.197265
Bible ExplanationJoelAn Exposition of the Prophecy of JoelHyde, James1898292
Bible Explanation1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 KingsThe First Three Kings of IsraelBruce, William1879726
Bible ExplanationThe Language of ParableWorcester, William L.1892177
Bible ExplanationMatthew, Mark, Luke, JohnThe Miracles of Jesus ChristClowes, John1817163
Bible ExplanationMatthew, Mark, Luke, JohnThe Parables of Jesus Christ ExplainedClowes, John1851167
Bible ExplanationMatthew, Mark, Luke, JohnThe Parables of the New Testament ExplainedMitchell, Edward1887307
Bible ExplanationGenesisThe Path: The Inner Life of Jesus ChristChilds, Geoffrey S.2002259
Bible ExplanationPsalmsThe Psalms: A New Translation from the HebrewClowes, John1837498
Bible ExplanationGenesisThe Story of Creation in GenesisPitcairn, Theodore194037
DoctrineGenesis, ExodusSurvey of the Arcana CoelestiaOdhner, Hugo Lj.1938188
Bible ExplanationExodusThe Tabernacle of IsraelDeCharms, George1969156
Bible ExplanationGenesis-RevelationThe Tree of Life: A Running Commentary on the Inner Meaning of the Word of GodHoeck, Louis G.1940272


SubjectBible BooksTitleAuthorDate WrittenPages
Bible ExplanationParables of the Old Testament ExplainedMitchell, Edward190349
Bible ExplanationExodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, JoshuaFrom Egypt to CanaanBayley, John1869481
Bible Explanation1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 KingsSaul, David and SolomonOdhner, Hugo Lj.1967114
Bible ExplanationMatthew, LukeEssays on the Lord's PrayerOdhner, Hugo Lj.197211
Bible ExplanationMatthewCommentary on the Gospel According to St. MatthewBruce, William186629
Bible ExplanationJohnCommentary on the Gospel according to St. JohnBruce, William1870523
Bible ExplanationDivine AllegoryOdhner, Hugo Lj.1954150
Bible ExplanationScripture Paradoxes - Their True ExplanationBayley, John1868155
Bible Explanation (Sermons)Exodus, DeuteronomyTen CommandmentsCranch, Harold197253
Bible Explanation (Sermons)Exodus, DeuteronomySermons on the Ten Commandments Volume 1Acton, Alfred1914-191818
Bible Explanation (Sermons)Exodus, DeuteronomySermons on the Ten Commandments Volume 2Acton, Alfred1914-1918123
Bible Explanation (Sermons)Call and Deliverance of the Children of IsraelClowes, John1850354
Bible Explanation (Sermons)Sermons on the WordHyatt, Edward193542
Bible Explanation (Sermons)Sermons - Expository and PracticalBruce, William1867319
Bible Explanation (Sermons)Divine Word OpenedBayley, John1888660
Bible Explanation (Sermons)RevelationMagnificent ScenesBayley, John1878169
IndexOur New Church VocabularyHenderson, W. Cairns196640
IndexGlossary of Terms Used by SwedenborgBogg, John191525
IndexIndex to Swedenborg's Arcana CoelestiaRich, Elihu18532683
IndexList of Memorable Occurrences in Swedenborg's WritingsHenderson, W. Cairns19604
ApplicationNew Church and Modern ChristianityDeCharms, George1963136
ApplicationPrinciples of GovernmentDeCharms, George196075
ApplicationApplication of DoctrineDeCharms, George19535
ApplicationHealth and the Human MindHeinrichs, Willard1988182
ApplicationPrinciples of the New PhilosophyOdhner, Hugo Lj.196516
ApplicationSpirits and MenOdhner, Hugo Lj.1958223
DoctrineWhat the New Church TeachesBuss, James F.1897192
DoctrineDoctrine of ReflectionDeCharms, George19389
DoctrineSermons Illustrating the Doctrine of the LordDeCharms, Richard184022
DoctrineTopics from the WritingsPendleton, William F.1946250
DoctrineAs from Self and the Two Essentials of the ChurchSandstrom, Erik19831
DoctrineAdditamentumSandstrom, Erik19803
DoctrineVisible GodSandstrom, Erik196321
DoctrineUses of the Moral VirtuesSchnarr, Fred196558
DoctrineSwedenborg and the Doctrines of the New ChurchTafel, Rudolph L.1889572
DoctrineReflections on Some Popular FallaciesOdhner, Hugo Lj.19404
DoctrineFundamentals of the New ChurchOdhner, Hugo Lj.194757
DoctrineGlorificationPendleton, Nathaniel D.194132
DoctrineRepentancePendleton, Nathaniel D.19827
DoctrineAuthority in the New ChurchTafel, Rudolph L.1877265
DoctrineNature of the Spiritual WorldActon, Alfred1914196
DoctrineDoctrinal PapersAlden, Karl1951177
DoctrineGreat Truths on Great SubjectsBayley, John1899216
DoctrineCircle of New-Church DoctrineGiles, Chauncey1882256
DoctrineSermons Concerning the LordGladish, Willis1945191
DoctrineCrown of RevelationsActon, Alfred193420
DoctrineTwelve DiscoursesBayley, John1862432
DoctrineCriterion of Divine AuthorshipBuss, James F.1920324
DoctrineStar in the EastBuss, James F.1909179
DoctrineSelected Papers and AddressesBuss, Peter M.199518
DoctrineCreedsClissold, Augustus1873189
DoctrinePaul and DavidClissold, Augustus1873181
DoctrineLaws of Order for the Preservation the ConjugialOdhner, Carl T.1904193
DoctrineLast JudgmentOdhner, Hugo Lj.195572
DoctrineFaith and FalsityOdhner, Hugo Lj.197015
DoctrineSpiritual WorldOdhner, Hugo Lj.1968471
DoctrineEffects of the Last JudgmentOdhner, Hugo Lj.19385
DoctrineExternals of the New ChurchOdhner, Hugo Lj.194968
DoctrineGrand ManOdhner, Hugo Lj.193511
DoctrineChapel Talks on Vital SubjectsOdhner, Ormond DeC.195854
DoctrineScience of ExpositionPendleton, William F.191529
DoctrineAddresses and SermonsTilson, Robert194512
DoctrineWORDS FOR THE NEW CHURCH Volume 1No Author1879589
DoctrineWORDS FOR THE NEW CHURCH Volume 2No Author1883599
DoctrineWORDS FOR THE NEW CHURCH Volume 3No Author1883219
DoctrineWhat the Writings Testify Concerning ThemselvesNo Author196116
EducationPhilosophy of New Church EducationDeCharms, George1942197
EducationHISTORY OF NEW CHURCH EDUCATION VOLUME 1Gladish, Richard1968173
EducationHISTORY OF NEW CHURCH EDUCATION VOLUME 3Gladish, Richard1973224
EducationHISTORY OF NEW CHURCH EDUCATION VOLUME 2Gladish, Richard1968139
EducationValues and Objectives of New Church EducationPendleton, Willard D.19646
EducationRelationship of the Academy to the General ChurchPendleton, Willard D.19693
EducationPrinciples of the AcademyPendleton, William F.19092
EducationNotes on the Education of Infants and ChildrenPendleton, William F.194614
EducationNew Church Education in the HomeSandstrom, Erik197272
EducationFormative States of the HumanPendleton, Willard D.19686
HistoryAnnals of the New Church 1851-1890Odhner, Carl T.1976259
HistoryRobert Hindmarsh, A BiographyOdhner, Carl T.1895118
HistoryAugustus NordenskjoldOdhner, Hugo Lj.195630
HistoryJohn Wesley and SwedenborgOdhner, Ormond DeC.1962115
HistoryBiographical Sketch of Thomas WorcesterReed, Samson1880143
HistoryAnnals of the General Church 1938-1976Rich, Morley1976262
HistoryAnnals of the Academy of the New Church 1876-1896Whitehead, William1976112
HistoryAnnals of the General Church 1897-1937Whitehead, William1976264
HistoryKramph Will CaseNo Author1910530
HistoryReply to Emerson on SwedenborgBush, George184628
HistoryJames John Garth Wilkinson - An IntroductionEvans, Frederick193694
HistoryEarly History of the New ChurchField, George1879368
HistoryRise and Progress of the New Jerusalem ChurchHindmarsh, Robert1861494
HistoryParacelsus and the Mystical Tradition of the RenaissanceOdhner, Hugo Lj.196811
HistoryChurch History - High School TextOdhner, Ormond DeC.1964145
HistoryAnnals of the New Church 1688-1850Odhner, Carl T.1976576
SwedenborgSwedenborg at WorkRegamy, Alfred193568
SwedenborgDOCUMENTS CONCERNING SWEDENBORG Volume 1Tafel, Rudolph L.1875726
SwedenborgDOCUMENTS CONCERNING SWEDENBORG Volume 2Tafel, Rudolph L.1875694
SwedenborgDOCUMENTS CONCERNING SWEDENBORG Volume 3Tafel, Rudolph L.1875643
SwedenborgLetters and Memorials of Emanuel SwedenborgNo Author1948786
SwedenborgSwedenborg's PreparationActon, Alfred195154
SwedenborgLife of SwedenborgActon, Alfred1958838
SwedenborgIntroduction to the Word ExplainedActon, Alfred192756
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