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4164. And Jacob was wroth, and chided with Laban. That this signifies the zeal of the natural, is evident from the signification of "becoming wroth" or "angry," and the consequent "chiding," as being zeal; and from the representation of Jacob, as being the good of the natural, concerning which above. That "becoming wroth" or "angry," and the consequent "chiding" denotes zeal, is because in heaven, or with the angels, there is no anger, but in its stead zeal. For anger differs from zeal in there being evil in anger, but in zeal good; or in the fact that he who is in anger intends evil to the one against whom he is angry, whereas he who is in zeal intends good to the one toward whom he feels zeal. For this reason he who is in zeal can be good instantly, and when in the very act can be good toward others; but not he who is in anger. Although in the outward form zeal appears like anger, yet in the internal form it is altogether different.

(References: Genesis 31:36 )

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