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8598. Tomorrow I stand on the top of the hill. That this signifies the conjunction of truth Divine with the good of charity, and the consequent influx, is evident from the representation of Moses, who was to stand on the top of the hill, as being truth Divine (of which frequently above); from the signification of "standing," as being to be conjoined and to flow in; that "standing" here denotes to be conjoined, is because he was then on the top of the hill, and by "a hill" is signified the good of charity; that it also denotes to flow in, is because from it he viewed the battle, and also determined it, which is signified by Israel prevailing when he lifted up his hand and by Amalek prevailing when he let down his hand: and from the signification of "a hill," as being the good of charity (n. 6435).
[2] How the case is with the conjunction and influx of the good of charity into the fighting truth, shall be briefly told. As before said, the Divine becomes fighting truth through conjunction with those who are in zeal. They who are in zeal fight, yet not from any enmity and hostility, but rather from charity; for zeal differs from anger in the fact that zeal has within it the good of charity; and therefore when zeal fights it merely removes those who are in falsity and evil, to prevent them from hurting those who are in good and truth. On the other hand, anger not only removes them, but also pursues them with hatred and revenge. For from the charity that is in it, zeal wishes well even to those who are in evil and falsity, and also does well to them so far as they do not injure the good, whereas anger, from the hatred and revenge which are within it, wishes harm to all with whom it fights, whether they be good or evil. From this it can be seen what is meant by the influx of the good of charity into truth fighting. (That zeal has good in it, and anger has evil, see n. 4164, 4444.)

(References: Exodus 17:9 )

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